A Word From Command Master Chief Renick

Command Master Chief Renick

A lot of our friends and families may wonder what we do immediately after we get underway for a deployment and while we transit across the Atlantic. The answer is a little bit of everything!

We flex all of our watch teams to validate personnel assignments; we make sure all of our equipment and systems are online and functioning properly; the combat watch teams run synthetic exercises and drills; we dig into the references for the operational theaters we are about to enter (Sixth Fleet/EUROPE; Fifth Fleet/MIDDLE EAST); our air department flies onboard and ensures our two SH-60B LAMPS helicopters are ready to go; we stress and flex our engineering plant; and we fire all of our gun mounts, including our 5″ main battery. Also, we prepare and brief the crew for our very important role as ambassadors prior to our first foreign port visit, reviewing policies and plans to ensure we represent the Navy and the American public favorably and positively.

The long trip across the Atlantic – and the transition through time zones – also affords us the opportunity to settle into our deployment routine and ensure we are fully prepared for all potential tasking from the Fleet Commander. There is no probationary or ‘break-in’ period, we can be called upon at a moments notice to do anything from “kinetic” strike operations to search and rescue to Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), when we assist in the evacuation of American citizens from other countries during periods of unrest. This is where all the hard work, training and preparation we did throughout the last year really come to bear.

Through it all, the “Wolfpack” is primed and ready for whatever may be asked of us.

Command Master Chief Greg Renick


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