Crash & Salvage Drill

The fire party team, stretcher bearers, and flight deck crewmen practiced a regular ‘crash and salvage drill,’ ensuring they are ready in the event of a helicopter crash on the flight deck. The Damage Control Training Team gave pointers and debriefed the fire party team. ATC Barras and AE1 Wilke helped the drill, with the ‘hotsuitmen’-DFCN Cruz and CS3 Poust carrying AE1 Wilke off the flight deck.

The fire party team (in alphabetical order) includes: DC3 Cerda, DCFN Cruz, HT3 Dotson, ET3 Edington, MR3 Guinto, DCFN Phillips, DC3 Pouncey, CS3 Poust, STG3 Seles, and DCFN Wells. Flight deck crew (in alphabetical order) includes BMSN Behrens, BM3 Christiansen, BMC Clark, SN Lindie, BM1 Mejiadiaz, BM3 Sadler, BM3 Soria, and BM1 Winston. Damage Control Training Team pictured include: DCCS Hurst, DC1 Rodriguez, SH1 Clarke, and PS1 Davis.


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