Commander Anderson Relieves Commander DeGregory as Commanding Officer, USS BULKELEY

This afternoon the Wolfpack assembled on the focsle to participate in the Change of Command Ceremony. The Master of Ceremony, the Executive Officer, noted, “The Change of Command is a time honored tradition formally announcing the change of command authority to the crew and all present. The ceremony demonstrates the absolute continuity of responsibility and authority that rests with the Commanding Officer of a U.S. Navy Warship…The ready assumption of such total responsibility demonstrates the selflessness and dedication of the bold men and women who so eagerly come forward to serve this nation and this Navy in uniform.” Chaplain Driskell delivered the invocation and benediction, and Master Chief Renick presented Commander DeGregory with his end of tour award and the commissioning pennant, with the pennant regarded as the personal symbol of the Commanding Officer. With all hands at attention, Commander DeGregory read his orders detaching as Commanding Officer, USS Bulkeley, and reporting to Afloat Training Group (ATG) Norfolk as Commanding Officer. Commander Anderson read his orders relieving as Commanding Officer, USS Bulkeley.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Commander DeGregory! And a warm welcome to Commander Anderson, his wife Michele, their sons Casey and Kelsey, and daughter Piper. We welcome you to BULKELEY and the Wolfpack family, and look forward to continuing the fighting spirit of the Sea Wolf!

The Honor Boatswain’s Mate was BMC Clark. Sideboys included FCCS Ellis, DCCS Hurst, EMCS Simpson, ATC Barras, and CTRC Butler. Color Guard included FC1 Theriot, FC2 Auger, EM1 Stagg, IC2 Toomalatai, and EM3 Johnson.


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