AT1 Hall Re-Enlistment, Newest Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialists, Freshwater Washdown

Today, the crew assembled in the helicopter hangar to celebrate AT1 Hall’s re-enlistment. LT Piunno administered the oath of enlistment, and a cake was made for AT1 Hall.

Later during the warm afternoon, the Wolfpack flaked out hoses, brought brooms out, and began a freshwater washdown. Scrubbing down the decks of salt and dirt, all hands ensured our warship remains in top shape.

Before an MWR event for the evening, OSCS Gonzalez presented the newest Enlsited Surface Warfare Specialists (ESWS): GSM2(SW) De Los Trinos, BM2(SW) Vondrachek, and STG2(SW) Pena. Completing the challenging personnel qualification standards (PQS), examinations and boards, they have achieved the highest standards and stand out as contributors to the surface force.


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