LT Piunno Farewell; RHIB Operations

On Sunday, the wardroom bid ‘fair winds and following seas’ to LT Anthony Piunno. As a helicopter commander and maintenance officer for HSL 48 Det 4, LT Piunno was invaluable in ensuring safe flight evolutions in support of the ship’s mission and in leading his team on maintaining Venom 501 and 512. Since week one work ups through deployment, LT Piunno has ensured the Air Department’s success and he will be missed. In addition, the wardroom hailed LT Scott McCann. The Wolfpack also completed a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) operations yesterday. ENS Spilsbury, BM1 Mejiadiaz, EN2 Brissette, and BM3 Sadler were the boat officer, coxswain, boat engineer, and search and rescue (SAR) swimmer respectively.


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