Happy Mother’s Day and Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Mom, Thanks for taking me in and putting me on the right path.-MR2(SW) Locke

To my wife and sister, Lilia and Maria, in Virginia Beach: Happy Mother’s Day! Love you both very much.-DC1(SW/AW) Rodriguez

To my mom, Allison Cheatham, Happy Mother’s Day!-IC3(SW) Cheatham

To my mom, Debbie Barnett, Happy Mother’s Day!-IC3 Whatley

To my kids, I’ll be home soon! Love you guys.-MA1(SW/AW) Joiner

Julie, thanks for all the love and support throughout the years.-NC1(SW/AW) Wells

To my grandma, mother, and sister-in-law. Happy Mother’s Day! Appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Love, JK.-SH3 Kotalik

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Telicia Rogers! I appreciate your love and support.-QM3(EXW) Gilbert

Happy Mother’s Day from all nine of us, love you very much!-IC2(SW) Toomalatai

On Friday the Wolfpack commemorated Military Spouse Appreciation Day and today the Wolfpack celebrated Mother’s Day. We have been on deployment for nearly 5 months, and although the time away from our family has been difficult, we take this time to reflect and thank our family for their love and support. The Multi-Cultural Committee, Culinary Specialists, and Food Service Attendants organized an outstanding meal for all the mothers on-board. Roast beef, lobster, garlic mashed potatoes with gravy, and homemade biscuits were served on fine plates and served on the tables of our well-decorated mess decks. And to top it off, a cake was baked by CSSA Hazard for all the Moms. The photos include: EN1(SW) Hindman, GM1(SW) Livingston, OS1(SW/AW) Hill, CS1(SW) Prendergrast, QM2(SW) Hadley, FCC(SW) Wiles, STG2 Garyalvarez, BM3 Thao, OS2(SW) Hollifield, STGSN Wood, and STG3 Larson.


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