Divisional Spotlight: S-3 Division

As part of Supply Department, S-3 division provides service to the crew through sales and laundry/barbershop services. The division consists of SH1 Clarke (Leading Petty Officer), SH2 Evans (Recordskeeper), SH3 Myers (Barber, Bulk Storeroom Custodian), SH3 Barley (DCPO, Vending Custodian), and SH3 Kotalik (Ship’s Store Operator). ENS Anschuetz recently relieved LTJG Uyan as Sales Officer, SHSN Gundy is returning to the division from temporary duties as a Food Service Attendant, and the division welcomes aboard SHSR Titley.

Ensuring the Wolfpack has clean uniforms, haircuts, and essentials including toiletries, BULKELEY emblematics, and “geedunk,” Ship Serviceman are constantly maintaining the highest quality services for the crew. SH3 Myers has provided over 750 haircuts to the crew during deployment, while the division receives over 125 lbs of laundry each day for prompt cleaning and drying. The past quarter from January to May has seen record revenue in sales from the ship’s store and vending machines, with over $170,000.00 in sales; the best sales in a 4-month span in the past 3 years. All of the profits from revenue will go to Morale Welfare and Recreation fund and used for upcoming BULKELEY events including the ship’s Holiday party. In addition to sales and services, Ship Serviceman stand watch as part of the low visibility detail, SCAT team, and two members, SH3 Kotalik and SH3 Barley, are part of the VBSS.


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