Divisional Spotlight: CG Division

CG Division maintains, repairs, and operates gun systems on-board BULKELEY including the MK 45 Mod 1 5″/62 Caliber gun, 2 MK 15 Block 1B Close-in-Weapons Systems 20 MM Phalanx, 2 MK 38 Mod 2 25 MM Machine guns, and 2 MK 32 MOD 14 Triple Torpedo Tubes to launch MK-46 Torpedoes. Made up of Fire Controlmen and Gunner’s Mates, CG Division controls BULKELEY’s small arms including M2HB 50 Cal machine guns, M240 7.62 MM machine guns, M-14 7.62 rifles, and Beretta 92 9MM pistols. Ensuring the Wolfpack’s readiness, CG division provides regular training and ensures proper safety during gun fire evolutions and small arms shoots.


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