Bulkeley Sailors Continue Their Commitment to Stay Navy

Four Sailors aboard Bulkeley reenlisted the past several days on deployment. IT1 (SW) Robert Rydl, EN1 (SW) Travis Washington, OS2 (SW) Kaleb Tittle, and STG2 (SW) Benjamin Casey all extended their careers out at sea.

IT1 and EN1 both reenlisted on the messdecks.

For IT1, his division officer, LTJG Jim Lambert put on a wolf costume, normally worn by junior officers during special evolutions and wardroom events and gave the oath to his Sailor. “Not many Sailors can say they’ve been reenlisted by a wolf, IT1 can now say he’s one of them,” said LTJG Lambert.

OS2 and STG2 decided their own workspaces; CIC Annex and Sonar Control Room respectively, were the ideal places to say the reenlistment oath.

After the oath, the Commanding Officer presented each Sailor a reenlistment certification along with a booklet filled with special privileges like 96-hour special liberty and the opportunity to sit on the CO’s Chair on the bridge.

Of course, those who attended each ceremony were treated to chicken wings, cake, and of course ice cream.


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