Divisional Spotlight: Air

As anyone knows it takes aviators with great skill to fly helicopters, however these helicopters don’t fly without an outstanding maintenance team and our helicopter squadron detachment is certainly one of the best. Led by our “Air Boss”, LCDR Kevin Christensen, Helicopter Squadron Light 48, Detachment 4 “Four Horsemen” consists of a great group of men and women of six Officers and eighteen enlisted Sailors. They bring with them two SH-60B helicopters (Seahawks) that provide the ship additional support in Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, and various missions to include Search and Rescue, Vertical Replenishment, and Counter Piracy. With helicopters, especially older ones like the SH-60B, the maintenance team averages about 20 to 30 man hours per flight hour. Just do the math and the numbers are staggering! The presence of the “Four Horsemen” add another dimension to Bulkeley’s warfighting capability and have most certainly helped make Bulkeley’s 2011 Deployment a complete success!


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