Divisional Spotlight: NN Division

Lost? The men and women of NN Division are more than willing to help you out! Quartermasters (QM), found in NN Division, have been around as long as the Navy has been around sailing wooden frigates during the early times of the United States. Quartermasters stand watch as assistants to Officers of the Deck and the Navigator, serve as helmsman, and perform ship control, navigation and Bridge watch duties. NN Division procures, corrects, uses and stows navigational and oceanographic publications and oceanographic charts, including electronic charts and programs such as Voyage Management System (VMS). They maintain navigational instruments and keep correct navigational time, render “honors and ceremonies” in accordance with national observance and foreign customs, and send and receive visual messages. Vigilantly standing the watch on the decks of ships throughout the world, Quartermasters were vital to America’s defense then and still are today.


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