Divisional Spotlight: EX Division

Bulkeley is equipped with its own office, and just like any other, it has its fair share of paperwork! Executive Division’s primary mission is “Customer Service”. Office Clerks, known as Yeoman (YN) and Personnelmen (PS), maintain the records and files that enable Bulkeley and its Sailors to operate. All official correspondence is routed through and distributed by this division. EX Division also supports Bulkeley and all embarked units in the following areas: career counseling with NC1 (SW/AW) Wells, legal, safety, physical security, printing and maintenance, and material & management (3M) with our 3M Coordinator ET1 (SW/AW) Keith. Educational programs, ranging from Navy advancement tests to college course credits, are also coordinated through this division. In essence, EX Division is very similar to a city hall staff, providing various services and guidance to its citizens.


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