USS Bulkeley Finished 2011 Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Deployment!

On behalf of the crew onboard Bulkeley, we would like to say thanks for our friends, family, and loved ones for their dedicated and continued support during our 2011 Enterprise Strike Group Deployment in support of maritime security and counter-piracy operations in Fifth and Sixth Fleets. Each and every time Bulkeley Sailors pulled together to overcome every challenge and task at hand. While we look forward to spend some well-deserved time with loved ones, we look back at our accomplishments completed these past sixth months:

Crew: 306 including HSL 48 Det 4 “Four Horsemen”

Distance Traveled: 50,000 miles (estimate)

Italian-US Joint Naval Exercise
Active Endeavour
Enduring Freedom

Port Visits:
Taranto, Italy
Salalah, Oman
Manama, Bahrain
Saint Raphael, France
Menorca, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal

Cargo: 115,000 LBS
Mail received: 8,237 LBS

Sea and Anchor details: 16
Gun Shoots: 36
Damage Control Drills: 35
Combat System Drills: 40
Strait Transits: 08

Crew Qualifications:
Surface Warfare Officer: 07
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist: 80

Air Operations:
Sorties: 231

Community Relations Projects: 5
Chaplain cross-decks: 2
United Through Reading Recordings: 120

Distinguished Visitors: 7
Tours: 15


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