BULKELEY Hosts Midshipmen for Summer Training

During the final stages of our 2011 deployment, Midshipmen from the US Naval Academy, Navy ROTC, as well as from the Belgian Naval Academy embarked BULKELEY and lived and worked with Sailors, just as they will when they are commissioned. They toured an SH-60F Seahawk helicopter, participated in various shipboard evolutions, and received the overall experience of life on a deployed Navy warship.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the colossal size of a warship, the Midshipmen were each paired with a running mate and were assigned to a department. First Class Midshipmen are each assigned to a junior officer, and 2nd Class Midshipmen are each assigned to a hard-charging enlisted Sailor. Running mates were an instrumental part of training and preparation for Midshipmen. During the stay, these Sailors provided essential information based on their personal experiences and professional knowledge.

The Midshipmen also spent their off-time talking with Sailors, trying to find the tools they will need to become effective leaders.

The training cruise aboard BULKELEY is designed to provide motivational and instructional experiences that cannot be attained in a normal classroom environment.
Some goals are to increase professional development, instill a sense of pride in their identification with the Navy, and to pique their interest in the operations of the fleet.


USS BULKELEY Homecoming Celebration!

USS BULKELEY came home from a six-month deployment to welcoming hands and applause from loved ones and a supportive Hampton Roads community. Below are pictures that cover the celebration.

USS Bulkeley Finished 2011 Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Deployment!

On behalf of the crew onboard Bulkeley, we would like to say thanks for our friends, family, and loved ones for their dedicated and continued support during our 2011 Enterprise Strike Group Deployment in support of maritime security and counter-piracy operations in Fifth and Sixth Fleets. Each and every time Bulkeley Sailors pulled together to overcome every challenge and task at hand. While we look forward to spend some well-deserved time with loved ones, we look back at our accomplishments completed these past sixth months:

Crew: 306 including HSL 48 Det 4 “Four Horsemen”

Distance Traveled: 50,000 miles (estimate)

Italian-US Joint Naval Exercise
Active Endeavour
Enduring Freedom

Port Visits:
Taranto, Italy
Salalah, Oman
Manama, Bahrain
Saint Raphael, France
Menorca, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal

Cargo: 115,000 LBS
Mail received: 8,237 LBS

Sea and Anchor details: 16
Gun Shoots: 36
Damage Control Drills: 35
Combat System Drills: 40
Strait Transits: 08

Crew Qualifications:
Surface Warfare Officer: 07
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist: 80

Air Operations:
Sorties: 231

Community Relations Projects: 5
Chaplain cross-decks: 2
United Through Reading Recordings: 120

Distinguished Visitors: 7
Tours: 15

Bulkeley Hosts “Tiger Cruise”

USS Bulkeley hosted a “Tiger Cruise” for over 80 friends and family members as the warship transitions from Mayport, Florida to her homeport of Norfolk, Virginia. The 2 day Tiger Cruise was full of activities to keep all involved busy and even included a Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) check-off for Tigers to complete in order to maximize their learning opportunities. There were also games for the Tigers. Bulkeley’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation committee sponsored a movie night, ice cream social, bingo, and a “steel beach picnic” on the flight deck. The finale involved a pinning ceremony for those who qualified as Tiger Surface Warfare Specialists. The pins were presented by the Command Master Chief and pinned on by the Tigers’ sponsors.

USS Bulkeley Visits Mayport, Florida

USS Bulkeley, which recently completed theatre support and counter-piracy operations in Fifth and Sixth Fleets made a brief stop to Naval Station Mayport on Wednesday 13 July. This is Bulkeley’s first return to the United States in six months and also served as the homecoming for Helicopter Squadron Light 48 Detatchment Four, the “Horsemen”, who are based out of Mayport. The stop in Mayport also allowed the ship to receive its “Tigers”, friends and family of the ship’s crew, who will be riding onboard the last few days during Bulkeley’s return to Norfolk.

Divisional Spotlight: EX Division

Bulkeley is equipped with its own office, and just like any other, it has its fair share of paperwork! Executive Division’s primary mission is “Customer Service”. Office Clerks, known as Yeoman (YN) and Personnelmen (PS), maintain the records and files that enable Bulkeley and its Sailors to operate. All official correspondence is routed through and distributed by this division. EX Division also supports Bulkeley and all embarked units in the following areas: career counseling with NC1 (SW/AW) Wells, legal, safety, physical security, printing and maintenance, and material & management (3M) with our 3M Coordinator ET1 (SW/AW) Keith. Educational programs, ranging from Navy advancement tests to college course credits, are also coordinated through this division. In essence, EX Division is very similar to a city hall staff, providing various services and guidance to its citizens.

Divisional Spotlight: FP Division

Force Protection (FP) Division ensures Bulkeley is protected against those who intend to inflict harm against us. Led by LCDR Walters, Anti-Terrorism Officer and ENS Brokaw, Force Protection Officer, the small, yet vital five-member division perform antiterrorism, force protection, physical security, and law enforcement duties both on land and out at sea. FP Division ensures all armed watch standers are qualified and receive the proper training to stand the watch. Bulkeley’s Chief Master-at-Arms, MA1 (SW/AW) Joiner enforces rules and regulations, maintain good order and discipline, and protects life and property throughout the ship. Some other duties include conducting criminal investigations, providing personal protective services, and take part in correctional and rehabilitative programs. FP Division goes above and beyond to ensure Bulkeley remains protected day and night.